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from the Quechua mink'a

a lifeway in collectivity 

a reciprocity practice   

community work repaid with the sharing of food     

an exchange of time, experience, art, and labor       

an action of demonstration         

a work-party           

Friday, April 19th 2024 • 7pm to late

Shipibo Conibo Center • 427 West 146th Street •10031 New York, NY

The Shipibo Conibo Center is hosting its annual minga, an event parallel to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII.

Indigenous leaders, artists and activists will gather for an evening of exchanges in art, music, food and conversation around the struggle toward Indigenous autonomy.

Honoring Shipibo artist Sara Flores and featuring screenings and performances by:

Guardia Indigena Shipibo

New Red Order


Donna Couteau & Joe Cross (Leaf Arrow)

Prior to the minga there will be a Parallel Walk through Harlem, organized in collaboration with Creative Time. 


Starting from the Tree of Hope at 5:30 pm.

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