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As a way to invest in the entrepreneurship and the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples, since its launch in September 2019, the Shipibo Conibo Center has supported the Shipibo Agroforestry Cooperative Koshicoop, an initiative which fosters coordination among indigenous farming communities as opposed to competition. The flagship produce of the communities currently involved include plantain, camu camu, kion, bijao, riverbank rice, aguaje, ungurahui, sustainable ayahuasca, chacruna, copaiba oil, huito, dragon's blood, cat's claw leaf.

Further objectives of Koshicoop are:

  • to provide access to a fair-price market for non-timber agroforestry products from indigenous farming communities in order to improve the quality of life of the producers

  • to promote sustainable and organic agroforestry production with the best ancestral and modern technologies such permaculture and syntropic systems for reforestation

  • to build an economically fruitful small-business model that grants indigenous communities long-term control over their territories

  • to create a long-term culturally relevant employment opportunity to decrease the out-migration from indigenous communities

  • to develop the capacity to process the raw material so to add aggregate value

  • to strengthen Shipibo People's objectives of an indigenous independent economy for the exercise of the right to self-determination and in order to achieve the sustainability of the process of self-government

  • to contribute to the financial independence of the representative body of the Shipibo People by sharing part of the benefits

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