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        A celebration of Indigenous identity into the future, featuring work by Shipibo directors and other filmmakers dedicated to Shipibo stories.

        On the occasion of the the great Ani Xeati, The Shipibo Conibo Center of New York has collaborated with the representative body of the Shipibo-Konibo-Xetebo, COSHIKOX, and The Escuela de Cine Amazónico to bring together the work of 23 directors and screen their films in the community of Caco Macaya, Ucayali. This year will mark the first Ani Xeati celebration in a decade, a chance to unite 144 Shipibo communities in the region to affirm their self-determination as a unified pueblo. Through three days of ceremonies, from November 2nd to 4th, the event connects historical, spiritual and contemporary dimensions of Shipibo life, invigorating cultural pride and evolving practice. It is with this intention of honoring the enduring Shipibo spirit that the festival bridges ancestral past with visions for the future.


        Featuring films by:

Layner Mori, Elmer Inuma and Colectivo Barin Bababo; Jan Kounen; Georgina Berreiro; J. Claire Odland and Fernando Valdivia; Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon; Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi; Ronald Suárez and Roberto Zariquiey; Róger Neyra; Martin Aramburu; Rómulo Sinuiri and Iskon Beso; Edwin Huamán, Carlos Zacarías, Walter Quispe, Juana Zumaeta, Eliseao Saavedra, Harold Choquetico, and Alba Pascual; Equipo de Cine Escolar, Institución Educativa Agropecuaria Bilingue San Francisco de Yarinacocha.

         The event was an opportunity to announce the inauguration of a fellowship program offering to Indigenous filmmakers the means to be at the center of their own artistic representation.

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